Village of Middleport

The latest news from Middleport, OH

Village Council

MiddleportDrugStoreThe Middleport Village Council meets every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. The public is welcome.

Council Member List:
Emerson Heighton –
Shawn Rice
Brian Conde
Sharon Older – or (740)444-5302
Carolyn French
George Hoffman

Council Minutes:
Council minutes are not made official until read & accepted by council at the following meeting.

Minutes 1-9-17
Minutes 1-23-17
Minutes 2-13-17
Minutes 2-27-17
Minutes 3-13-17
Minutes 3-27-17
Minutes 4-10-17
Minutes 4-24-17
Minutes 5-5-17 Emergency
Minutes 5-22-17
Minutes 6-12-17
Minutes 6-26-17
Minutes 7-5-17 Special Mtg (Autosaved)
Minutes 7-24-17
Minutes 8-14-17
Minutes 8-28-17
Minutes 9-25-17
Minutes 10-23-17
Minutes 11-13-17
Minutes 11-30-17
Minutes 12-11-17
Minutes 1-8-18
Minutes 1-22-18
Minutes 2-12-18
Minutes 2-26-18
Minutes 3-1-18 Special Meeting


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