Village of Middleport

The latest news from Middleport, OH

Sewer Project Completed

The Village of Middleport recently received a $7,224,000.00 forgiven loan to reduce the combined sewer overflows to the Ohio River, the project has been completed. The Village of Middleport has nine combined sewer overflows (cso’s) on our collection system. The cso’s are located near the edge of the Ohio River at Park St., General Hartinger Pkwy, Hamilton St., Lincoln St., Main St., Mill St., Walnut St., Rutland St., and Hudson St.. Each cso has a sign visible from the Ohio River stating that at times of heavy rainfall it could be possible for combined wastewater and rainwater to overflow to the Ohio River. This combined wastewater and rainwater may contain bacteria and viruses that could be harmful to recreational users exposed to these overflows. During times of overflows it is recommended that everyone avoid contact with water at or near cso overflows and report all overflows to the Village Administrator at 740-992-2827.


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